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What is Easy spy cell phone tracker and why would I need it?

The Easyspy Cell Tracker software is an application (app) that allows the user to target someone else’s mobile phone, or device, and gather information about how that device is being used!

What information can the EasySpy Cell Tracker app collect?

Easyspy has a very impressive list of functions that you can utilise in order to gather information about how a smart phone is being used.

Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker can gather a huge amount of information about the activity of a cell phone or device. Information relating to whereabouts of the phone can easily be collected. Information about email and text activity can be downloaded and saved. Easy spy can also let you listen in to telephone conversations and record them as well.

You can monitor which websites the user of the target phone is visiting and the amount of time they spend on the site. Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker will also allow you to remotely activate the phones microphone so that you can listen to (and record) everything that is going on in the vicinity of the target phone.

In fact Easy Spy can provide you with a complete picture of where the mobile phone has been and how it has been used.

You can visit our Easyspy Features Page by Clicking Here to see the full list of features.

Why would you want to Spy on a mobile phone?

There are a number of reasons why you might wish to track a mobile phone.

Parental Control

use easyspy cell tracker to track a childs phone

Easyspy cell tracker enables you to keep a discreet eye on what your children are doing when they are out of sight. You can check to find out if they are actually where they say they are going to be. You can monitor their emails, text messaging service and web activity to make sure that they are not being subjected to online bullying or visiting sites that are unsuitable for them.

Monitor your employees

You may have staff that use their mobile phones to make personal calls or use social media sites during business hours. You may also have staff that are sending sensitive information about your business to a competitor. You may have company reps that are spending time on a golf course when they should be visiting clients. It is in your interests as a business owner to know exactly what is going on.

Easy Spy Cell Phone Tracker Software allows you to monitor any, or all, of the online activities of your staff during the working day.

Catch a Cheating spouse or partner with Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker

There are very few things that are worse than feeling that your partner is cheating on you. They have suddenly become secretive and withdrawn. They are spending more time at the office than usual or feel the need to visit friends much more regularly. They start to dress more smartly or start to use more perfume (or after shave) than usual. You know something is wrong but your partner insists that everything is OK.

If you install Easyspy cell tracker onto your partners phone you can easily track their every move, text message and conversation. You can even access their list of contacts to see if there are names on there that shouldn’t be.

To some people the idea of tracking a cell phone that belongs to a partner seems underhanded and deceitful but it is far better to know the truth than to live your life thinking that you are being deceived.

If you find that your suspicions were unfounded then it is an easy matter to remove the Easyspy cell tracker from the phone and your partner need never know that they were being monitored.


Easyspy Cell Tracker is an easy to use and inexpensive way to track a mobile phone (the basic package is $49 and the version with all of the features is $69). You only pay for the software licence once. There are no monthly usage payments like there are with many of the other cell phone spy apps. If you need to track more than one mobile device you simply buy additional licences.

If you are looking for a cell phone spying app you really should consider Easyspy Cell Tracker!

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