How Easyspy Cell Tracker Works

The Easyspy cell tracker has been designed so that it can be installed and used by the average cell phone user. If you can use a smart phone you will be able to install and use the Easyspy mobile phone tracker.

Once you have purchased Easy Spy you will be sent an email that will give you the web address of the download page which will allow you immediate access to the Easyspy mobile device tracker app.

You will be given an access key for the software and asked to enter in a username and password. All of the information that you need to get started immediately will be e-mailed to you.

How to install Easyspy

The installation process is extremely simple to follow and getting up and running should only take no more than a few minutes. Once the app has been installed you will be asked to enter the number of the target cell phone. Data that is required by the Easyspy mobile phone tracker will then automatically be uploaded from the target phone.

It is then simply a matter of logging in to your account to view the data that has been uploaded from the target device.

You can then begin to track the target phone.

That is pretty much all that there is to the installation process.

Lifetime upgrades with Easyspy

Cell phones are evolving at an incredible rate. New models and upgrades are coming to the market place almost daily. Easyspy is aware of the problems this can cause and offers free software upgrades for the entire time you use the programme.


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