Main Features of Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker

easyspy cell phone tracker packageThe Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker has a very impressive list of features that compare very favourably with even the most expensive cell spy products on the market.

The main features include all of the features you would expect from a premium cell tracking software package.

Easyspy Cell Tracker is quick and easy to install and is completely invisible to the user of the target device.

What Can I do with the Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker


Monitor Text Messages with Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker.

Every text message that has been sent or received by the target cell phone can be captured by Easyspy, even the ones that have been deleted on the target phone.

The information that is available to you includes the full content of the message in full, the phone number of the mobile phone that the message was sent to (or received from) along with the time and date that the message was sent or received.

Get Exact GPS Location for the target phone with Easyspy!

easyspy cell tracker - gps locatorThere is nothing worse than someone lying to you about where they have been. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a spouse or partner, an employee or your children it is an awful feeling knowing (or believing) that you are being lied to.

The Easy spy cell tracker and monitoring software makes it extremely easy to track the exact location of any mobile device. The sophisticated GPS tracking feature of Easyspy gives an accurate and precise location of the device being tracked via an online map. The information that is transmitted can be updated as often as every five minutes so you can build up a really accurate picture of the movements of the device.

Record a cell phone conversation with Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker

If you want to listen in to the target phones conversations Easyspy makes it extremely simple. You are able to listen to the whole of the conversation or you can simply record what is being said and listen to it later.

Many of the most popular audio file formats are supported. In addition you can access additional critical information such as the time and date that the conversation took place.

Record Surroundings with Easyspy cell tracker.

Easyspy has a feature that allows you to remotely activate the target devices microphone. Once activated you can listen in to conversations and background noises that are within range of the device.

Take secret pictures with Easyspy cell tracker

Easy spy allows you to remotely activate the target devices camera in order to take a secret photo of the surrounding area. Easyspy also allows you to view (and also save) every photograph or video that was taken or recorded by the target device.

Access URL Website Logs with Easy Spy

easy spy cell tracker website_logEasyspy makes it easy for you to monitor all of the internet activity for the target phone/device. You are able to collect detailed information about the web browsing activities including the URLs that were accessed and how often. It is even possible to view the actual URL via the online control panel.

Record Social Networking Logs with Easyspy

It is easy to keep a track of Social Networking usage with Easyspy. Monitor the use of the most popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and build up a picture of the amount of time spent on these sites.

Easyspy Cell tracker e-mail logging feature

You can record and read every email message that is sent to or from the target phone via your Easyspy Control Panel.

Access Contacts with Easy Spy

If you have ever been curious about the contact details your spouse, children or employees may have hidden in their mobile phone you do not have to worry about it any longer. Easyspy allows you to remotely access the target phones contact list and calendar log easily without alerting the device user.

Remotely Uninstall Easyspy

When you have collected all of the information you need from the target phone you can simply uninstall the software remotely using the online control panel. The user of the device will not know that the Easyspy cell tracking app was ever installed.

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Is Easyspy Expensive?

Many of the cell phone spy applications are relatively expensive and require you to take out a monthly contract if you want to continue using the software.

The Easyspy Cell Tracking App can be purchased for a low one off payment that allows the app to be installed on one device (single licence). There are no recurring charges to worry about!

(The basic Easyspy software is at the time of writing is $49 and with all of the advanced features it is still only $69)

As you can see from the list of features above the Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker App is an extremely powerful piece of software. If you want to check up on someone it is no longer necessary to think about hiring private detectives to get the information you need. The vast majority of people have smart phones that they constantly carry with them. With Easy Spy it is extremely easy to collect intelligence on almost every aspect of a mobile phones usage and immediate surroundings.

Note about features

Some of the features shown above can only be activated on iphones and android devices. If there is a particular feature that you want to use make sure that the feature can be used on the device you want to target.

More features are being added regularly so I would advise you to click on the link shown below to read about all of the current features of Easyspy

Click here to go to the official Easyspy website!

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