Privacy Policy

Current legislation requires website owners to publish a comprehensive privacy policy relating to how information that is made available to them is used and shared.


The privacy policy is intended to help users of our website (easyspy cell tracker) understand what we may or may not do with any personal information that is made available to us.

By accessing and making use of the ‘easyspy cell tracker website’ you are deemed to have consented to the owners of the site utilising that information providing it is done so within the terms and conditions that are laid out in the sites privacy policy.

Collecting Personal Information

During your visit to the site certain personal information may be collected. This information could, for example, include (but not be limited to) your name and email address.

You always have the right to elect not to supply any personal information at all. If however you have requested access to data or digital products it is unlikely that you will be able to download them without providing at least some personal details.

Automated Data Collection

It is common practice for webmasters to gather some information about website visitors. The information may be gathered via usage monitoring software or through the use of cookies. The information that is gathered is generally used for analysis purposes to determine how the website is being used. These ‘usage patterns’ are then assessed by webmasters to help them improve the site and the viewing experience.

Cookies and Sessions

In order to help us provide particular services or perform certain functions this website may occasionally use cookies or sessions. The use of cookies or sessions may (but not necessarily) make it possible for us to identify you as being the user of the website.

Accepting the use of cookies will only allow us to access information (data) that is stored within the actual cookie. It will not allow us to gain access to any information or data that may be stored on the hard drive of your own computer.

The Use of Data

Occasionally we may use the personal information (data) that you have provided to us to give you access to particular content or information that you may have requested. We may also on occasion use the information to notify you about promotions or important updates relating to the website itself.

In situations where you are asked to enter a password in order to download of retrieve information the use of cookies assists us in verifying the identity of those requesting the information.

Cookies can also be extremely useful in assisting us in improving and updating our website. They also help us to respond more easily to any queries and inquiries that our visitors may have. Cookies can also be useful in helping us to personalise the site to match the preferences of our visitors.

Third Party Websites

The Easyspy Cell Tracker website may occasionally provide hyperlinks that connect to sites controlled by a third party. The content, and operating procedures, of third party sites is not under our control. Third party sites may have a privacy policy that differs from our own. You are advised to carefully read the privacy policy of any site to which you are redirected so that you fully understand that particular sites policy with regard to data storage, collection, utilisation and distribution of personal information.

The Easyspy Cell tracker website will never knowingly provide links to third party websites that we believe would do anything inappropriate with the data that you provide to them.

Affiliate Earnings

We act as affiliates to some of the companies and products we promote on our website. If you purchase any of these products via an introduction from this website we may earn a commission from that sale.


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