Easyspy Cell Tracker – Keeping Your Children Safe!

Tracking your Childrens Cell Phone can help to keep them safe!

use easyspy cell tracker to track a childs phoneChildren are growing up at a far faster rate now than ever before. They demand more freedom than past generations and parents feel obliged to give them at least some of the independence they crave.

It is true that you cannot watch your children all the time. You cannot always be there for them to point out the right from the wrong. You simply have to trust that when faced with problems or dilemmas they will have learned enough from you to make the right decisions.

There have always been risks and problems associated with growing up. There has always been petty squabbles and school yard bullying. It is simply part of growing up.

Is Technology Dangerous?

The risks to children and teenagers are now however greater than they have ever been in the past. The more freedom you give your child the more time he, or she, is likely to spend away from you and the more opportunities for them to make mistakes and errors of judgement.

We now live in a world that is dominated by technology. Laptop computers, cell phones and tablets have become part of our everyday life whether we like it or not.

There are very few children (even relatively young children) that do not have their own mobile phone. They are no longer simply devices for making telephone calls they are fully functioning computer terminals that offer an electronic gateway to endless information.

Emails, text messaging and social media allow everyone to communicate openly with anyone from virtually any part of the planet.

This ease of communication can however subject children to dangers that simply did not exist a couple of decades ago. Bullying is no longer simply a playground pastime where big kids take advantage of smaller ones. It is now possible to bully someone electronically.

Cyber Bullying!

Cyberbullying as it is known has now become quite common. Unpleasant and hurtful text messages or facebook posts are sent out that target some unfortunate individual. These messages very often have no basis in fact but can be particularly distressing to the victim. There have been cases where the subject of the hate mail (for that is what it is) has found the situation so unbearable that they have taken their own lives as a result. Parents and teachers are generally unaware of what is going on and are therefore powerless to do anything about it.

Sexting and Sexual predators!

There is also a practice that has become common amongst young teenagers known as ‘Sexting’. This involves sending sexually explicit photographs or messages by text to each other. Although most teenagers who indulge in ‘sexting’ consider it to be harmless fun they may not be aware that they are almost certainly committing an offence. Any sexually explicit pictures that show anyone below the age of 18 years of age is considered to be child pornography even if it is being distributed by a minor.

Teenagers can also be targeted by sexual predators. Making friends on social media sites is extremely easy. Personal information and photographs are freely exchanged. Because the information is being transmitted electronically it is extremely difficult to be certain that the person you are communicating with is really who they say they are. A teenager may believe that they are ‘friending’ someone of their own age when in actual fact they could be starting a relationship with someone much older who may have questionable motives.

Unsuitable Web Content!

There are also websites with content that is far from suitable for children and teenagers. All of these sites can be accessed through smart phones, ipads, tablets and any other number of electronic devices that the average child or teenager has access to.

The internet and all it has to offer can be a very dangerous place!

Is there a way to keep my child safe online?

Parents are often well aware of the dangers that their children could be subjected to online but are unsure about how they can help to protect them in that environment.

Most parents for example are unaware that there is cell phone tracking software available that allow you to monitor virtually every make of smart phone.

download easy spy cell tracker

Installing and using cell phone tracking software is extremely easy. There are literally dozens of cell spy apps available and they provide a wide range of monitoring functions. Some of these cell tracker apps require a monthly subscription to use them but there are others that simply require a one off payment.

What can I monitor on my childs phone?

Depending on the software you buy you can monitor almost anything that is sent to or from a mobile device. In general most of the cell phone tracking apps provide a similar range of functions.

I am however relatively familiar with one particular cell tracking product called Easyspy cell tracker so I will describe the functions that it offers.

Easy Spy Cell Tracker (like many of its competitors) has a wide range of functions. You can easily find the geographic location of the target phone and track its movements. This obviously lets you see exactly where your child is at any time and alerts you if they are somewhere other than where they are supposed to be.

You can monitor texts and emails with Easyspy cell phone tracker. You can not only read the complete messages but also download them to your own device. In many cases Easyspy cell phone tracker can even retrieve messages that have been deleted by the user of the target phone.

Being able to do this allows parents to see if their child is the subject of cyberbullying for example and help them to take action to stop it or at least be in a position to advise their child how to deal with the situation.

In addition to monitoring messages you can also view and download pictures and videos that have been taken with, or downloaded to, the target phone.

The Easyspy Mobile Device Tracker (and similar products) also allow you to monitor the website URLs that are visited by the target device. This is extremely useful if you suspect that your child is gaining access to inappropriate web content.

Complete telephone conversations can also be monitored and recorded with applications like Easyspy tracker. Monitoring the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is also within the scope of the majority of the cell phone tracking applications.

Some cell spy apps (including Easyspy) have some other very advanced features. For example Easyspy has a ‘record surroundings’ feature that allows you to remotely activate the target devices microphone and record any conversations or background noise within ‘earshot’ of the device.

Is spying on your children ethical?

As a parent your primary concern should be for the safety of your children. Using applications like Easyspy cell tracker allows you to keep a watch over your children when they are out of your sight. Exactly how you use the software is entirely up to you. You can monitor as much or as little of the phones activity as you wish or feel necessary. Some parents prefer to make their children aware that they are being monitored and effectively do it in collaboration with the child. Other parents prefer that their children do not know that they are being watched. The decision is yours!

Simply knowing where your children are at any given time can be extremely reassuring for a parent. Knowing if your child is being bullied or targeted by sexual predators can help parents to take action before the situation escalates.

If you are a parent and are concerned about their safety monitoring your childs cell phone could help to give you peace of mind.

Easyspy cell phone tracker and similar cell tracker apps can play an important role in helping to keep your children safe. The world has become a much more intimidating and dangerous place and it is every parents duty to ensure that they do everything they can to ensure their child’s safety!