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My name is Mavis Thorpe. I am in my early sixties and have recently retired. Most of my friends tend to call me Mable. You may or may not know that there is a seaside town in the UK called Mablethorpe – hence the nickname.

Although I have spent most of my life living in England My husband and I decided to move to the Canary Islands after retirement. Our children (one girl and one boy still live and work in the UK).

A couple of years ago my son became concerned about one of his daughters (my granddaughter). She was staying out late and was reluctant to tell her parents where she had been and who she had been with. She was only fifteen years old and my son and his wife were naturally concerned about her.

My son confided in me and asked if I knew any way they could keep track of their daughter’s whereabouts.

Like most young people my granddaughter owned a fairly sophisticated mobile phone (or smart phone). Although I knew very little about cell phones I had read articles about cell phone tracking software that allowed the activity of a cell phone to be monitored.

I did some research on the internet and found out all I could about how to track a cell phone. I discovered that there are a number of cell phone tracking apps that can easily be loaded onto the target phone. Once the cell phone tracking software is installed the whereabouts of the cell phone can be monitored from a pc or laptop.

I investigated a number of these cell tracker software packages and eventually decided that a product called Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker would meet my sons needs the best.

Easy Spy is easily installed and is totally invisible to the user of the phone. Unlike many of the other products that are available the Easyspy Cell Phone and Mobile Device Tracker requires a one off payment only. There are no ongoing monthly costs to worry about.

The Easyspy software allows the cell phone location to be tracked. This enabled my son to track the whereabouts of his daughters phone. The Easyspy Cell Phone Tracker is also able to monitor and record texts and conversations to and from the target cell phone.

My son monitored my grand daughters phone for a number of weeks and, to his relief, found that his fears for her were completely unfounded. She was simply spending time with her friends and rebelling against her parents about having to give them all the details about her movements. A normal part of growing up!

My son was however extremely impressed with the Easyspy Tracker app and says he would recommend it to anyone who is concerned, as he was, about their teenage children.

I decided to write a review of the Easyspy app to try and help others who feel that they need to monitor the movements of their children. Knowing where your children are and who they are communicating with helps to provide parents peace of mind.

Easyspy is easy to install and use. It does not require any technical knowledge and can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

There are more sophisticated cell phone tracking software available but most of these require a monthly subscription. Easyspy is a one off payment!

If you want to perform a basic cell phone tracking and monitoring operation the Easyspy Cell tracker is well worth considering


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